Acoustic Glossary


Sound and Vibration Glossary : Alternative Spelling

English usage changes over time and around the world, when in doubt we check trends using Google books Ngram Viewer

Our search engine offers alternative spellings. However nothing is perfect and we have noticed some regular anomalies, listed below.

analog ≈ analogue
catalog ≈ catalogue
center ≈ centre
color ≈ colour
disc ≈ disk
fulfill ≈ fulfil
gram ≈ gramme
install ≈ instal
licence ≈ license
metre for distance or meter for instrument
normalize, normalization ≈ normalise, normalisation
omni-directional ≈ omnidirectional
polarize ≈ polarise
program ≈ programme
standardize, standardization ≈ standardise, standardisation