Acoustic Glossary


Sound and Vibration Related Terms

Alphabetical listings result in related terms scattered over 26 pages, so we have brought the main ones together under the following headings

Acoustic Ambiguities
Background Noise
dB - the decibel
Frequency Weightings
Integrating Sound Level Meters
L10, L90, Ln, etc., Statistical Noise Levels
Leq - Equivalent Sound Level : the short version
Leq - Equivalent Sound Level : a more detailed version
Measurement Microphones
Noise Dose
Reverberation Time
Sound Absorption
Sound Energy
Sound Exposure
Sound Fields
Sound Insulation
Sound Intensity
Sound Level Meters : the basics
Sound Levels and Integrating Sound Level Meters
Sound Power
Sound Pressure
Sound Waves
Speech - RASTI, STIPA, etc.
Statistical Noise Levels
Time Weightings and Time Constants
Tonal Assessment
Vibration Dose
Whole Body Vibration : WBV

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