Acoustic Glossary


Sound and Vibration Related Terms : Grouped under Applications

Alphabetical listings result in related terms scattered over 26 pages, so we have brought the main ones together under the following headings

Acoustic Ambiguities
Background Noise
dB - the decibel
Frequency Weightings
Integrating Sound Level Meters
L10, L90, Ln, etc., Statistical Noise Levels
Leq - Equivalent Sound Level : the short version
Leq - Equivalent Sound Level : a more detailed version
Measurement Microphones
Noise Dose
Reverberation Time
Sound Absorption
Sound Energy
Sound Exposure
Sound Fields
Sound Insulation
Sound Intensity
Sound Level Meters : the basics
Sound Levels and Integrating Sound Level Meters
Sound Power
Sound Pressure
Sound Waves
Speech - RASTI, STIPA, etc.
Statistical Noise Levels
Time Weightings and Time Constants
Tonal Assessment
Vibration Dose
Whole Body Vibration : WBV

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