Acoustic Glossary


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Jerk : a vector quantity that specifies time rate of change of acceleration - units m/s3

Joule (J) : the derived SI unit of Work or Energy.

A Joule is the work done by a Force of 1 Newton acting through a distance of one metre.

Joule = N·m = Kg·m2/s2 = W·s = Pa·m3 = 107 ergs = C·V

where kg is the kilogram, m is the metre, s is the second, N is the newton, Pa is the pascal, W is the watt, C is the coulomb, and V is the volt.

joule per cubic metre (J/m3) : see Energy Density

joule per kilogram (J/kg) : see Specific Energy

joule per second (J/s) : see Sound Power

Judged Perceived Noise Level Definition IEC 801-29-10,

sound pressure level, in decibels, of a frontally presented octave band of pink noise centred on 1 kHz and lasting for two seconds, that is subjectively judged equally noisy as a given sound

See also perceived noise level

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