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The world of acoustics is overflowing with terms and parameters. For example; Lmax is often used to describe the maximum sound level, but was the measurement A-weighted and was a Fast, Slow or Impulsive Time Weighting used. Already we have introduced several variables for one basic measurement, without mentioning the measurement duration.

To describe any A-weighted, Fast Time Constant, Maximum measurements correctly, we should use the LAFmax term. However in the real world many people continue to use the 'simple' Lmax. Similarly the terms LA = 90 dB, 90 dBA or 90 dB(A) are often used to describe the same measured value.

This glossary is for visitors and customers who come across a term they do not know, or are not sure about. We explain what the term 'means' in the practical world and where appropriate we also include the IEC Definition,.

Listing terms alphabetically means related terms may be spread around the site, so we have included links where appropriate and a list of related terms under Topics.

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